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Elevate your music to the next level with our specialized audio refinement services tailored for recording artists. If you've captured your projects using your own studio gear or a third-party recording studio, our expert team is here to apply professional mixing and mastering expertise.

Here's the simple process: Start by submitting the PROJECT FORM, and shortly after, you'll receive an email with a confirmed price quote. Share your audio files through our platform.  Once your files are uploaded, our skilled team will begin the process of mixing and/or mastering. You'll receive a comprehensive "DDP image folder" that holds the digital equivalent of a pristine CD master, complete with a DDP player for reviewing WAV files and even extracting individual tracks as WAV or MP3 files. Our pricing includes up to two rounds of revisions for both mixing and mastering, ensuring your satisfaction.

For projects exceeding 24 tracks in a mixdown, there's a nominal fee of $5 per additional track. If both mixing and mastering services are chosen, the additional cost for mastering remains consistent regardless of track count. We offer optional add-ons as well including adding drum samples as well as audio editing.  Please contact us for rates on these additional services.



Mixing (16 to 24 tracks):

  • 1-3 Songs: $100 per song

  • 4-6 Songs: $95 per song

  • 7-10 Songs: $90 per song


  • 1-3 Songs: $45 per song

  • 4-6 Songs: $40 per song

  • 7-10 Songs: $35 per song


Unlock the full potential of your podcast with Redemption Studios Northwest's premium podcast production and editing services. Our dedicated team meticulously refines your raw audio, weaving together seamless storytelling through expert editing, strategic sound design, and professional post-production techniques. From eliminating background noise to crafting captivating intros and outros, we transform your recordings into a polished, engaging auditory experience that leaves a lasting impact on your listeners. Elevate your podcast to new heights with our unrivaled expertise and passion for sonic excellence.


Email for quote


Email for quote

Experience the future of recording with Redemption Studios Northwest's remote audio recording service. No matter where you are, our professional team ensures that your performances are captured with pristine quality and precision. Collaborate seamlessly from a distance and achieve studio-grade recordings that reflect your unique artistry. Unlock a new realm of creative possibilities with our remote audio recording expertise.

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